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My hobby or Why did I compile this catalog?

As long as I remember myself I loved winter sport. During my several years' stay in Germany I used to visit World Cup stages of biathlon. At that time I have discovered for myself the hobby of collecting autographs. From the very beginning my focus was collecting autographs of biathlets and cross-country skiers that had been successful in World Championships and Olympic Games. After I've moved back to Russia in 2011, my hobby got another impulse - thanks to joining Russian community of biathlon trading cards collectors. I've became fascinated by the diversity of the cards issued by many sponsors. And I've got hooked the second time...
Almost immediately I started to feel a need for some system to organise my cards. At first I've came with an idea that led to the joint project http://biathlonseries.ucoz.ru/ - catalog of biathlon autographcards. Later on I have worked on catalogization of cross-country skiers cards as well. I have decided to make it accessible for everybody, so this website is the result of my effort. The work is ongoing. So, if you are willing to contribute in any way, you are very welcome:)

Structure of the catalog

According to the name of the sponsor, most of the cards divided between several categories: Fischer, Rossignol, Madshus etc. Within each category cards are organised into subcategories according to their design and the issue dates. Issue date is often approximate, especially for the cards printed before 2010.
Cards issued by country-specific sponsors are included into separated category "Nation-specific series" where organised according to the country and then according to the sponsor.

How to use the catalog, a few tips:

  • If you are looking for all cards of a certain athlete, just type the name of the athlete into the Quick Search form in the upper left corner of the window.
  • If you are collecting cards according to the series (e.g. Fischer 2013), just click on the required category and then subcategory.
  • to see last added cards or a few random cards, - there are corresponding links the left panel too.
  • To effortlessly follow all new cards, you may click on "Notification" in the left panel and sign for RSS feed.
  • if you wish, you can rate, add to your favourites and comment any cards.
  • The catalog is optimised for use with handheld devices, so feel free to browse it with yout smartphone or a tablet.
  • Sorry, but I have disabled context menu on right-click. If you wish to download full-sized photos, you need to contact me.
  • At the moment registration is not necessary, but it may change in the future.

Special note

Many of the photos were taken from the web, from auctions sites, from other people collections. If you think that one particular card is yours - it is quite possible! If you want to be acknowledged on the site, it can be arranged. Just contact me!

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